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1.katachi <篏潟c茵莟∞ょg吟ゃ潟箴
2.kansei 吟ゃ潟医鴻≫腟薑活冴吟ゃ潟箴
3.kankyo 亥腓鞘≫絲乗宴吟ゃ潟箴


since 2000

Colors LaboPrism

Shop is located on the first floor facing the sense of openness terrace that in a complex building exposed concrete architects designed by Masataka Nakaji was completed in 1988. Here Chofu sengawa town is after this building was constructed, on the street faced of this building, designed by Tadao Ando buildings are located.Then this street is called as Ando Street, then here is unity an elegant urban town. And the owner decisided establishing hair coloring beauty salon shop in this place as a new business, a female neighbor and University of music students who as a major customer. And sought to capture stores images as elegant image suitable for this location and natural casual image. Acts that we proposed core concept of this design,that use "Prism" to resemble coloring as gives the change for the life activity. From this as the design act as Prism for the required function space forms, design "act of forms ". Prism-box, Prism-ratis, Prism-object and Prism- chair, Prism-table, as "GO DAI ( five elements philosophy)" here as elements representing of Stability, Flow, Passion and Spread ,the most important element in covered the dychronic film on the acrylic Prism table puts as an element in the Void Space, and projected into space by varying the sun of light, Brilliant themself as a tiny symbol of the space. Prism- chair are placed on continuous support around the Prism-table and felt the light like feather and can be configured in the expansion of space and the framing structure. Design and produce in this project cooperated with Russian that we had relationshiped from 2014 in academic workshop. The prism-chair was designed and produced in Russia, and imported to Japan then assembled on the shop.

Colors LaboPrism

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